Security Consulting

Our Security Consulting services are conducted by internationally certified Security Specialists experienced in preventing theft, break-ins, robberies, home invasions, vehicle theft, vandalism, as well as protecting critical infrastructure and important assets. We can help solve security challenges at executive residences, apartment properties, office and multi-tenant buildings, at your business or at security sensitive facilities.

You can trust us to have your best interests as our priority because we are independent of any security service providers.

Contact us before doing any target hardening or purchasing security measures such as CCTV, sensors, patrol or guard forces. Prevent future asset losses and save the costs of having to fix your security system a second or even third time! Don't spend money for security upgrades and target hardening that may not measure up!

Specialized Professional Investigation

Our specialized Professional Investigation services are designed to support your security, resolve asset losses, and identify if professional or employee misconduct has occurred. We have extensive investigation and police experience that has been complimented with comprehensive training and certification in our respective specialized investigation skills. Trust us to be impartial professionals with high integrity.

We are qualified to conduct forensic evidence investigation for trace evidence including fingerprints, tool marks and DNA. We are skilled in forensic photography of injuries from workplace or motor vehicle incidents. As well, we can conduct independent audits of fingerprint identification findings for lawyers representing clients who are subject to various proceedings.

Integrity, Experience, Expertise
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